Job Vacancies

Staff Nurses

Staff Nurses perform a wide variety of duties from hands-on to educating patients and their families, responsible for tasks such as taking vital signs, administering medications, giving injections and supervising Enrolled Nurses, Nursing Aides and Healthcare Assistants

Requirement: Registered with the Singapore Nursing Board

Enrolled Nurses

Enrolled Nurses perform medical care under the direction of Staff Nurses and assist other care workers with bed transfers, clothing changes and patient monitoring.

Requirement: Registered with the Singapore Nursing Board

Nursing Aides

Nursing Aides perform basic patient care tasks under the supervision of Staff Nurses and Enrolled  Nurses. They are responsible for hands-on care like transporting patients, helping patients eat, bath and dress. Opportunity for upgrading to Enrolled Nurse.

Requirement: Diploma in Nursing (Minimum)

Physiotherapy Aides

Physiotheraphy Aides work under the supervision of Physiotherapists forming part of a rehabilitation team that is tasked with the job of restoring patients’ mobility and function. Opportunity for upgrading to Physiotherapist.

Requirement: Bachelor of Physical Therapy

Occupational Therapy Aides

Occupational Therapy Aides work under the supervision of Occupational Therapists. Together, they form a team to help those who are disabled due to mental or physical conditions with the aim on improving their ability to live as independently as possible and be able to work. Opportunity for upgrading to Occupational Therapist.

Requirement: Bachelor of Occupational Therapy

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